HDR Blending

HDR Blending

High Dynamic Range or commonly known as HDR Blending is a type of photography that involves a set of techniques in photography and imaging, to achieve greater dynamic range between the lightest and the darkest arrange of an image than standard imaging or photographic methods. This rectifies the imperfections in the images to render a flawless photograph.


Why HDR Blending is important?

When a sequence of images of varying exposure levels and shutter speeds are blended into one image, it produces a vibrant and crystal-clear photo without losing even the minutest of detail. Blending explores the possibilities to overcome the challenges which modern DSLR camera sensors pose. By using HDR Blending, details can be captured from highlights & shadows which is impossible by using one exposure. With this technique, you do not have limits on exploring your photography journey, you can use various ideas to capture images and blend them in an unbelievable manner!

You can choose the photo in the sequence and allow the rest to blend with it.

Photographs captured with various exposure levels gets blended yielding a balanced result

The details are crystal clear and vibrant as they are blended with different exposure levels

Why outsource HDR Blending Service to us?

  • We use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop in combination with other plug-ins 
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