Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours give a walk-through to people on the web without the need to be physically present there at the venue. Virtual tours have been a boom to realtors which helps them to showcase their properties to prospective clients to give them a before hand look. People in other sectors like hospitality, sports, travel & tourism, medical centres, educational institutions also use Virtual Tours.

Virtual Tours largely are made of 360 degree photos, but can also be made using videos/movie clips. The user has the freedom to pause/play and rotate any angle to view the details which can be operated by just using a mouse.

What are the features available in Virtual Tours?

  • Any number of images can be made into one single Virtual Tour

  • No visible “seams”

  • Screen transitions can be added

  • Pop-up/Image Menu

  • Voice-overs and music can be added

  • Subtitles

  • and many more!

Why outsource Virtual Tour Services?

We truly understand the importance of Virtual Tours in this ultra competitive world, hence we offer quality Virtual Tours at economical prices. Since we are highly flexible and are bent towards quality and customer satisfaction, we allow you to provide the music and voice-overs of your choice and convenience that would go into the Virtual Tours though it is not compulsory to do so. All the images can be enhanced to suit your needs before going into the Virtual Tours. Contact us now to know more info on how to outsource Virtual Tour Services.