Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching is an art of enhancing the already beautiful pics. Professional photographers cannot afford to showcase their photos without retouching them. Since the entire world is looking at your creativity it is of utmost importance to make the photos eye-catchy yet retaining the details without going over-board.

Why outsource Photo Retouching service?

Photo retouching is a service which helps hide the flaws in the photos. In this process the brightness, contrast and gamma levels are modified to enhance the photo. Colors can be changed, the orientation of objects can be altered, different images can be merged and special effects can be added too. 

Photo retouching requires lot of skill and expertise, our professionals have numerous years of experience in producing top quality retouched photos. We are a certified Adobe partner and use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop along with a wide array of plug-ins. We work on various file formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, RAW, PGF, raw digital files and other major file formats. Upon request we undertake conversion of files too.

What are the different techniques involved in Photo Retouching?

We use a variety of techniques to achieve the best possible result, our experts have mastered the art of photo retouching by spending hours in research and improvement. Here are a few commonly used ones…

•Glamor retouching - This technique is used on model portfolios to remove wrinkles, blemishes, fix hair, fill teeth gap, smoothen skin texture, tattoo removal and many other imperfections can be eliminated to give a superior feel to the photos.

•Background removal - Backgrounds can be added, removed or modified and colors can be adjusted to improve the photo.

•Tintype retouching - This technique involves removal of spots, scratches and vividity of the images can be improved.

•Convert Black & White to Color - This method is used to colorize black and white images. 

We offer various other image editing services along with Photo Retouching service all at highly affordable prices and top-quality. You can save your valuable time and money in taking more photos while we’ll retouch them for you. We believe in long lasting relationships with our clientele and are quick to respond to your queries via e-mail or phone. Contact us now to Outsource photo retouching services to us and see the difference!